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Success/Fail (unfinished)
Even the sound of the word has a zest to it.
A certain ring of appeal
Yet it echoes deep within my soul
Lingers like a spark in the never ending dark.
Something so intangible
But still able to creep its fingertips
Along your spine, instilling fright
And excitement with piercing accuracy
Sighs being deeper and unfulfilled
As you gasp for air but you feel
As if something is constricting
Your sides and compressing you
:icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Tahoe (part II)
Air crisp and cold slight breeze
Stamped snow littered the ground
More earth brown than ice white
New life reaches to the sun
Quiet satisfaction and deep sighs
Cars sweep by like unseen ghosts
Only known by the broken air
Numb nose and frozen fingertips
Visible clouds of breath
Tahoe I have returned
:icondaemyen:daemyen 0 0
Shaking (working title)
When the rumbling finally stopped, Brighton was able to get up from his protective cocoon. The remaining townspeople had warned him weeks ago that this was no place to live, but he stubbornly stayed thinking that he could with a few shakes every now and then. They all shook their heads and left him in the settled dust and dirt. But a small girl ran back from her family and gave him a hug around his legs. Slightly shocked, he bent down to pick her up to return the favor.
"Mommy says that you are a fool. Mommy says I'm a fool too. We fools should stick together." She gave him another hug; Brighton was taken aback by the purity of the little girl.
"No sweetie, I'm afraid you have to go with your parents. I'll be alright. You don't want to see your mommy cry now do you?" Brighton brushed a few strands of strawberry blond hair out of her face, uncovering big blue eyes. The little girl shook her head, as she held her hand-made doll closer to her chin. "Then go. I'll miss you." Brighton set h
:icondaemyen:daemyen 2 0
I cheer in the silence
And reflect in the noise.
I watch with my ears,
My eyes shut and seeing.
People move round me,
I only sense their shadows.
Imagining their conversations,
Creating their stories.
The cold wind my only companion
Faithfully sweeping past my hair.
This is me.
This is what I am.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 3 0
Mature content
Patch - Chapter 2 :icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Mature content
Patch - Chapter 1 :icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Magic Carpet Ride
I get it, I get it.
You want to show her the world.
The princess of your heart,
the diamond of the desert
You're lucky I'm a romantic
Otherwise you'd never get her.
Not that your charm didn't help,
but it was all me, all me.
Who else could show her those
Unbelievable sights and
indescribable feelings.
Maybe you, but mostly me.
I don't like the limelight
But a little recognition would be nice.
Then you go and thank the wrong person.
Who frees a genie anyways?
I'm happy for you both
Truly I am.
If it wasn't for you,
I'd still be stuck in that cave.
From one carpet to another,
Thanks for everything.
We both get stepped on,
But at least I don't have fleas.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 0 0
Peace Prayer
Let our hearts be still.
Unbeating, unbreathing.
Tranquil silent,
Peaceful quiet.
Minds soften, melting
Easing life's learned
Redeeming lessons.
Absorbent sighs
aloft with connectivity.
Tension broke,
Gliding, walking,
Senses falling.
Taking it all in,
spirit lifted.
Hands clasped
at the final stage.
Closing the loop,
until the next day.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Someone always has it worse
Someone always has it worse.
Sure, you locked your keys in the car,
you woke on the wrong side of the bed
and even your dog bit you.
Your hair is a mess,
you spilled coffee down your shirt.
Did anyone tell you?
About that toilet paper…never mind.
You walked into a puddle,
and lost one of your shoes,
there's cat puke on your homework,
And you just sat in gum.
But look around you.
Everyone has their story
their very own "woe is me."
How are you different?
Do you know their travels,
the dreams that they fear,
The things that give them cold sweat
And chills down their back?
Someone always has it worse.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 2 2
Cliche Advice
It's the little things,
That add insult to injury.
But when life hands you lemons
Think outside the box!
It's easier said than done,
I'm not lying through my teeth
It'll be a moving experience
It may leave you sadder but wiser.
Be cutting edge
As you play it by ear
The writing's on the wall
Beyond a shadow of doubt
It's not rocket science
Try not to beat a dead horse
Things are better late than never
And the buck stops here
So push the envelope
Just in the nick of time
It's easy as pie
So just bite the bullet
:icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Damaged Faith
Huddled in the corner
Head down cast
Hugging his knees
Holes in his pants
Eyes welded shut
tears glued them
never seen the light
white blindness
ears perked by the sounds
voices coming close and disappearing
circling like vultures
never reaching the boy
hope that doesn't happen
comfort never given
the boy in soiled rags
alone to face the world
:icondaemyen:daemyen 3 3
I was
The fat little boy in the Technicolor jacket
The bully who pushed other kids around
The monkey who climbed the pole during recess
The red rover that never got picked
The boy who played foursquare, and cheated
The bacon stealer who never brought it back
I am
The coffee drinker admiring his surroundings
The night swinger gazing at the moon in the park
The dog walker desperately trying to control the animal
The socialite always doing something
The window shopper standing at the door
The perfectionist when it comes to document formatting
I will be
The athlete to finish a half-marathon
The graduate tossing his cap into the air
The voice you hear singing your favorite song
The FBI agent waiting for a new assignment
The author autographing his name on a book
The groom to a wonderful and gorgeous wife
:icondaemyen:daemyen 0 0
Monsters are real
Monsters are real. I know it!
They just sit and lurk
around every corner and cranny
waiting for an unsuspecting child, but not me.
I'm prepared! With my towel cape,
trusty flashlight club, and red black yellow
robot claw with trigger handle, to grab them
before they grab me.
My batman utility belt jammed
with garlic for vampires, a balloon
filled with holy water, and my
tongue depressor cross with yellow finger-paint.
My Scrappy-Doo pajamas sniff
out the baddies and give me
"Ratatatata! Puppy Power!"
Not to mention they are super cool.
Swimming goggles cover my eyes
just in case I get squirted by acid
and red rubber gloves I took from mom
cause you never know what you'll be touching.
Monsters are real. As real as you and me,
in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
The trick is to get them before they get you
or you're a goner!
:icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0
Hired Hand
This guy can do anything
you name it and it's a specialty.
Some want to call him Jack,
For all the said trades of his.
But no, he doesn't agree,
He is just a hired hand.
You never know what his job is
until you see him in action.
It boggles your mind
when you see him painting,
only for the next day
he is being painted on.
From holding babies
to leading a protest group.
getting into fights
because his failed magic tricks.
talking to anyone who notices
and then writing a story about it
This guy can do anything.
Whatever you can think of,
and it is just an idea waiting to happen.
He doesn't speak though
that is always a disappointment.
Only because hands don't speak.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 2 2
Daemyen by daemyen Daemyen :icondaemyen:daemyen 0 0
Then there were eight
Five years ago we lost our friend; and then there were eight.
The sky used to be brighter, until there were eight.
Hades used to be a god, until there were eight.
Mickey's dog used to be happier, until there were eight.
We used to know what a planet was, and now we have eight.
Scientists had nothing to talk about, until we had eight.
Pluto was part of our solar system, and now we only have eight.
:icondaemyen:daemyen 1 0

Random Favourites

Second Chance
What is trust?
Having confidence in others?
You told me I could put my faith in you
That I could tell you anything and you wouldn't breathe a word
No matter what has happend, we will find a solution together
We are meant to be friends
But I am being forced into the shadows
Drowning in the fury that has assembled
I tell myself that I can find the good within them
But as I continue to search, my faith seems to be fading.
My saviour has come?
They reel me out of the darkness
The illumination of hope glows intensely as I reach the light
But fall as they use me and throw me back down.
All hope of finding happiness is gone
I turn my back to the light
Weeping under the bitterness of the dark
Knowing no one wants me
A hand rests on my shoulder
Drawing small patterns and pushing away my tears
I look up only to be met with a beautiful smile
They reach out their hand to me
I take it as we rise further away from the hatred
And closer to the fortune
I have been saved by a true friend
:iconlilnutta10:lilnutta10 33 37
The Prayer
I beseech you
To forgive me
For I have forsaken others,
Dragged them to enslavement;
My soul, once golden
Now belongs to the one
who lies beneath:
The master of curses witchery
murder deceit
sin and lust.
It has no heart,
Its blood runs black and filthy
As is my past
As are my clothes
As I was -
Enveloped in vengeance and despair
Before the thick fog
called my name, dear God.
:iconmetal-steffi:metal-steffi 40 70
Trifle hearts
Thank you, good sir,
for ripping my heart out.
It was a trifle little thing, wasn't it?
You know no one needs
such an unnecessary object.
To feel nothing! What a wonderful thought!
We could become emotionless
We could become cardboard
How wonderful it would be!
To be a board, stiff and rigid,
Nothing would waver us
not even the wind
Immune to everything.
Every emotion
Every thought
Immune to it all.
The touch of someone's hand on your own
would be without emotion.
Just a sense.
Nothing more.
Does that sound nice?
It does, doesn't it?
All of the violence would be gone.
All of the sorrow would be wiped away.
Anger, sadness, fear
All gone.
Because of a trifle little
But with it...
that was gone, too.
Never again would we laugh
Nothing would be silly or stupid
No more goofiness, no more quirkiness
No more genuine smiles.
No more happy thoughts.
No more dreams or hopes.
a blank
"Doesn't that sound nice?" you say.
A nod.
Nothing more.
"It does sound nice," I say.
As I st
:iconchibirenachan:chibirenachan 19 4
Leah's Tears
My name is Leah.
I'm five years old.
My daddy doesn't love me.
Or so I've been told.
He locks me in a room,
Says he wants to keep me safe.
Sometimes doesn't feed me.
But I have to keep my faith.
He feels my body
And makes me feel his, too.
When I tell him no,
He says I have to.
I listen to my daddy,
Because he is all I have now.
I don't want to be alone,
So I made him a vow.
I told him I will never leave.
That I will always be there,
But still I believe
There is a better place than here.
When he locks me away,
I look out the window at the stars.
I wish I was up there,
Instead of locked in by bars.
I wonder where mommy went,
Why did she leave?
Was I just another mistake
That she recieved?
Daddy comes back at
Quarter 'till nine.
I tell him I'm hungry
And he says I'll be fine.
Day after day I dream that
I'm flying.
But when reality hits,
I'm only dying.
My daddy doesn't love me,
Or so I've been told.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes
And I'm five years old.
:iconsportzgal:Sportzgal 29 72
F.A.Guild Monthly Features - April 2010
This is an article on behalf of the group FantasyAuthorsGuild.
Welcome to the April 2010 edition of FantasyAuthorsGuild’s feature articles!
Here is a small collection of our favourite submissions so far. We hope you will take the time to take a look, and visit the authors.
Hunting the Frilljaw by Gepetto887
Until next time, happy writing! :typerhappy:
:iconthe-magic-within:The-Magic-Within 4 8




Willis D. Chinn
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NaNoWriMo 2011

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 10:13 PM

What a rough first day. So like usual I hate when Nano starts because it's on Halloween. Granted we never really participate for Halloween because of the location of our house, which happens to site on three hills. I wouldn't walk up three hills to go to my house for candy, I don't think anyone would. Neither does the fact that if you do walk up the three hills to my house that you will be handsomely rewarded. Pfft. I do this everytime I pretend to jog. I don't get rewarded... Anyways. We usually bathe my house in shadows avoiding everything which is unfortunate for myself because I live on the side facing the street.

I usually plan to write a few hundred words at 12:01am so in preparance I usually go to sleep early or try to so that my sleep schedule doesn't get too screwed up this year. Like I planned I only made it to 300. That's fine because it set me up for the rest of the writing day. I somehow managed to get to goal > 1667 per day. So as for my Day 1 I'm doing well, and I haven't even introduced my plotline yet. That is a bit exciting and frightening at the same time. I have alot o my plate for this story because it is a SciFi which I have never done. But hey why not. I'll be posting my NaNo daily entries again this year. I'm also utilizing a new online writing document savey thingy called seems this is an actual sponsor of nano as well. All this and trying to balance my work and social life.

A lot of upcoming events in my way this year for nano. I'll do a list for ya:
-    Nephew's 6th Birthday
-    Thanksgiving
-    Work
-    Work social events (mostly every wednesday >.<
-    Online Classes (two)
-    my first 1/2 Marathon this sunday (i'm going to die =( )
-    Gym (i kinda stopped going this week, I might try again tomorrow depending)
-    Carpooling (i have to bring my coworker to work as her mom, my boss, is on leave at this time)

I'm sure I have other things, I just don't know about them yet. Sigh... well... let's see what happens eh?

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